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A Very Long Engagement [15 Dec 2004|09:46am]

Audrey Tautou (Amelie) and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amelie, City of Lost Children) have a new film that opens this Friday. It looks really good, and reminds me a lot of the fantastic style of Jeunet's other films. Go see it! :)

Watch the Trailer here!
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"...the less i do control" [25 Jun 2004|10:03am]
[ mood | dancing ]

i'm already piecing together my soundtrack for summer 2004. it's for dancing, of course, so dance with me! so far i have 3 songs:

1. felix da housecat - neon human
2. phoenix - everything is everything***
3. the b-52's - 52 girls

"take me out" has fallen off the list since it's been played to exhaustion. i wonder what else i should put on this list. ridin' low, ridin' low, ridin' faster.

***= heavy rotation

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FoxNews gives Fahrenheit 9/11 a positive review. What? [16 Jun 2004|12:49pm]

I'm pretty ambivalent about Michael Moore. I think his heart is definitely in the right place, and I loved his impassionate anti-war/anti-bush oscar speech a few years ago. I do, however, have major problems with the logic of his books (Dude, Where's My Country?) and movies (Bowling for Columbine). I even dismissed the unprecedented standing ovation he received at Cannes for Fahrenheit 9/11 (After all, screening an anti-Bush movie over there isn't exactly a tough sell). But now that the conservative juggernaut FoxNews has given the film a good review, I'm really beginning to take the hype surrounding this movie seriously.


I'm seeing this movie opening weekend because I want the movie to continue to make headlines. I want you to see this movie opening weekend, if seeing movies in the theatre is your thing. I want undecided voters in swing states to see this movie. But most importantly, I want everyone who still supports America's initial entry into Iraq to see this movie.

*Stumbles off of soapbox*
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[05 Jun 2004|04:34pm]

i never cared for ronald reagan.
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little things [11 May 2004|02:15am]
[ mood | "i've...become...impossible" :( ]

tonight i ate a well-balanced meal with my mother and father. i really needed that.

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[09 May 2004|01:35am]

i...really...like...my so called life.
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Movie Trailer [05 May 2004|11:45am]
[ mood | i'm hungry ]

I want to see this: Coffee and Cigarettes

I also want to see the Mars Volta tonight, but that will never happen :-/.

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I don’t believe in fate. I just believe in odds. [23 Mar 2004|02:59pm]

"I read this article a while back. It said that Microsoft employs more millionaire secretaries than any other company in the world. They chose stock options over Christmas bonuses. It was a good move. I remember there was this photo of one of the groundskeepers standing next to his Ferrari. Blew my mind. You see shit like this, and it just plants seeds, makes you think its possible, even easy. And you turn on the TV and there's just more of it: the 87 million dollar lottery winner, that kid actor who just made 20 million on his last movie, the Internet stock that shot through the roof. You could have made millions off it, if you just got in early. And that's exactly what I wanted to do: get in. I didn't want to be an innovator. I just wanted to make the quick, easy buck. I just wanted in. The Notorious BIG put it best: "You’re either slingin’ crack rock, or you got a wicked jump shot." Nobody wants to work for it anymore. There's no honor in taking that after-school job at Mickey-Dee's. The honor's in the dollar, kid. So I went the whiteboy way of slingin crack rock; I became a stockbroker."
- Seth Davis (played by Giovanni Ribissi), Boiler Room


This is one of my favorite opening monologues. Randomly popped into my head today, so I thought I’d share it with you, kiddies. :)


Currently, Microsoft has 65 billion dollars in its cash reserve. Its latest antitrust loss with the European Commission has fined the corporation 613 million dollars, the equivalent of a parking ticket.
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violence won't work here [23 Mar 2004|01:23pm]

dear isreal (i.e. isreali state dept),
you cannot kill an ideology by killing a person. you have the right to defend yourself, but what you did yesterday was unproductive.


dear palestine (i.e. hamas),
you cannot force change by killing innocent civilians. wise up.

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angelina [20 Mar 2004|12:07am]

photo by claudia smith

i saw taking lives tonight.
it was really graphic and unexpected.
worth the price of admission: yes
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"Down There," Sandra Cisneros (Loose Women) - REPOST [04 Mar 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | bleeding ]

photo by dolores llorens

I want to talk at length about Men-
struation. Or my period.
Or the rag as you so lovingly put it.
All right then.

I'd like to mention my rag time.

Gelatinous. Steamy
and lovely to the light to look at
like a good glass of burgundy. Suddenly
I'm an artist each month.
The star inside this like a ruby.
Fascinating bits of sticky
The afterbirth without the birth.
The gobs of a strawberry jam.
Membrane stretchy like
saliva in your hand.

It's important you feel its slickness,
understand the texture isn't bloody at all.
That you don't gush
between the legs. Rather,
it unravels itself like string
from some deep deep center--
like a Russian subatomic submarine,
or better, like a mad Karlov cackling
behind beakers and blooping spirals.
Still with me?

Oh I know, darling,
I'm indulging, but indulge
me if you please.
I find the subject charming.

In fact,
I'd like to dab my fingers
in my inkwell
and write a poem across the wall.
"A Poem of Womanhood"
Now wouldn't that be something?

Words writ in blood. But no,
not blood at all, I told you.
If blood is thicker than water, then
menstruation is thicker than brother-
hood. And the way

It metamorphosizes! Dazzles.
Changing daily
like starlight.
From the first
transparent drop of light
to the fifth day of chocolate paste.

I haven't mentioned the smell. Think
Persian rug.
But thicker. Think
But richer.
A sweet exotic snuff
from an ancient prehistoric center.
Dark, distinct,
and excellently

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[23 Feb 2004|09:07pm]

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[14 Feb 2004|06:44pm]
Marriage is love.
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[24 Jan 2004|09:00am]
"There are no happy endings, because nothing ever ends"
- Peter Beagle

[22 Jan 2004|02:40am]



Commercials that didn't quite make it on the air [09 Dec 2003|01:00pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Masturbation is my anti-drug

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Lucid dreaming with Augustinian clarity [05 Dec 2003|01:04pm]
[ mood | deterministic ]

A: Last night a crowd of people chased me in a dream I had. I've never run so fast in my life.
B: Why did you run from them?
A: Why I ran from them isn't important. What is important is that she was there.
B: Who is she?
A: She's the reason I'm here now.
B: What did she do?
A: She kissed me twice and wouldn't let me go. She saved me.
B: Saved you from yourself.
A: I couldn't have done it without her. She pulled me through.
B: You need to learn how to pull yourself through.
A: I did pull myself through. I just needed help doing it.
B: I think that you're weak.
A: None of us can do it alone, friend. Not here. Why pretend?
B: And how much did this help cost you?
A: I gave her my soul in exchange for grace.
B: You shouldn't have done that.
A: I didn't have a choice!
B: You always have a choice.
A: No, I didn't. Self-preservation must be taken for granted here. At that moment she was irresistible, and I mean that in the most innate sense of the word. I needed her more than I've ever needed anything in my life. Last night, while the crowd chased me, there was no choice. Choice isn't guaranteed for everyone. For some, it's merely an illusion.
B: You're such a fucking liberal. So what then? We're all just victims of pathology?
A: You've overextended my point. All I'm saying is that some people have easy choices. Some people have hard choices. And some people have no choice. We all have limits.
B: As long as there's sacrifice, there will always be choice.
A: Grace is your only choice.
B: You're wrong. Grace is precisely what I've sacrificed for choice.
A: It doesn't have to be that way.
B: I know.

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Because Everyone else is posting it [03 Dec 2003|12:51am]

"My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And their like 'It's better than yours'
Damn right, It's better than yours,
I can teach you, but I have to charge."

I guess I posted that mostly for my benefit. Never thought those lyrics would have meme-like potential, but there they are, all over my friends page, myspace, friendster, etc. I still don't see what's so great about that song. Oh wait, yeah I do.
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Nick at Nite [29 Nov 2003|01:02am]
[ mood | smiley ]

The Cosby show makes me smile :)

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england or bust [21 Nov 2003|04:27pm]

sydicated repost from scapula:

i'm in desperate need of money for my upcoming trip to england. i'd like to stay for six months if possible, but in order to apply for the visa i'd like to use while i'm over there i need to show a bank statement proving i have enough money in pounds to survive with food, rent for the first month, and a plane ticket home if it doesn't work out. i've made a list of things i'm going to be selling, and if you'd like to take a look and want to help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated.

i've never done this before, so prices are flexible. if you are interested in the item and don't have the amount i'm asking for, feel free to email me at the address listed and we can figure out a different price. any help any of you are willing to give me would be wonderful. also, check back frequently as i'll be adding items to the list as i find more things to sell.

thank you for your time.

the list.

I think this suits me [19 Nov 2003|11:36am]
"I have a great understanding with God. I don't understand him. He doesn't understand me. And we've both agreed to not let his son get in the way of our relationship." - George Carlin
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[19 Nov 2003|12:21am]
"Susan, I saw you in the classroom today, uh... As the sun came from behind the clouds, a burst of brilliant light caught your hair, it was haloed in front of me. You turned, your eyes flashed fire into my soul, I immediately read the words of Dostoevsky and Karl Marx, and in the words of Albert Schweitzer, 'I fancy you.' "
- E. Izzard, Dressed to Kill
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[21 Oct 2003|11:55pm]
Elliot Smith committed suicide today.

The Simpsons inspires me [21 Oct 2003|01:11pm]
[ mood | ill ]

"Tonight's inspiring story is about Frank Grimes, a thirty-five-year-old Springfieldite who has earned everything the hard way, but never let adversity get him down. Abandoned by his parents at age four, Frank never got to go to school. He spent his childhood years as a delivery boy, delivering toys to more fortunate children. Then, on his eighteenth birthday, he was blown up in a silo explosion. During his long recuperation he taught himself to hear and feel pain again. As the years passed, he used his few leisure moments each day to study science by mail. And, last week, Frank Grimes, the man who had to struggle for everything he ever got, received his correspondence school diploma in nuclear physics -- with a minor in determination."

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005895 [15 Oct 2003|08:36pm]


This breaks my heart.


[Edit: Fine. Go Sox. Beat the shit out of the fuckin' Yankees/Marlins]

[Second Edit: Waaaaaaaaaaaah! This has been a terrible baseball post season]
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[14 Oct 2003|08:20pm]

one more, guys.
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And to the victor goes the spoiled [08 Oct 2003|09:12am]
[ mood | Orwellian ]

"And so we go // on with our lives.
We know the truth, // but prefer lies.
Lies are simple. // Simple is bliss.
Why go against tradition when we can...
admit defeat; // live in decline.
Be the victim of our own design..."


I will learn to love Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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[07 Oct 2003|08:40pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Good work California!

"and you go home, and you cry, and you want to die" [01 Oct 2003|12:15am]



Bustamante can't beat Arnold. The only possible way to keep Arnold out is to keep Davis in. It's over.

[Begin Rant]

Arnold commercial

"I don’t accept special interest money."

That’s a lie! [See LA TIMES article]

"Some of the other candidates pandered to Indian Gaming to fund their campaign. I think this is deplorable. You can count on me never to do that. In fact, I think it’s time that Indian Gaming starts paying its FAIR share."

Right Arnold. Because history has always been so FAIR with them. And speaking of which, I’m not even sure it’s legal for you to touch that money. Sovereign nations, my friend. Actually, I’m not really worried about you touching the casino money to balance the budget. Too much stands in your way with regard to that. Your promise disturbs me though. Not so much because you’re promising something you can’t deliver (you’re not the first, and you certainly won’t be the last to do that), but more so because I know your unfulfillable promise has an appeal that will definitely resonate with the naïve and uniformed masses thirsty for a balanced budget at as little expense to themselves. You’re manipulating ignorance, and it makes me sick.

And just so you don’t come off thinking you’re all original, Gray Davis had this exact same idea earlier this year! He’s since rescinded support of it. I reject your premise that Indian Gaming has a responsibility to help California, but to be fair, I should give you a chance to rebut.

Arnold: "I want to help (gaming tribes) build it from a $5 billion industry to a $10 billion industry ... Let them increase the amount of slot machines. Boom, let their business go crazy. But let them participate and help us...It's not even an extra tax. It's just, be fair about this and just come in and give the state some money (September 26, 2003)."

There’s that "fair" word again! You make it all sound so simple, Arnold. So let me get this straight. You want Indian Gaming to make more money so you can take it, but it’s not a tax. I don’t care what kind of agreement gaming casinos in Connecticut have with their state legislature. What do you plan on offering Indian Gaming in return? The satisfaction of balancing the budget? You’re just saddling them down with a liability!

You’re an arrogant little prick, did you know that, Arnold? Yeah, that’s right. I called you little. What are you gonna do about it? You gonna rough me up, huh? In case you were wondering, it was me who threw the egg at you. I’d do it again too. You used to be the spokesman for HUMMER, eh? Well I’m a member of the Earth Liberation Front (http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-oe-sale29sep29,1,7845123.story). I’m the surrogate daughter of Arianna Huffington. You see how we’re at odds with each other?

Admit that you’re just as unsavory as the other candidates!
Admit that you race-bait just as much as they do!
Admit that you really have no idea what you’re talking about!

Geez! You wouldn’t even attend a debate unless they GAVE you the questions beforehand. Come now, Arnold. You’re a demagogue and you know it. I only wish everyone else knew it too (*cries*).
[/End Rant]
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pavlovian response [24 Sep 2003|10:40pm]

what does this image make you think of?

you've all been awfully quiet lately. somebody say something!
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